clean-contact-lensesWhen used and cared for correctly, contact lenses are one of the safest and effective methods available for vision correction. However, contact wearers are at a much higher risk for developing eye infections if they do not properly clean and disinfect their lenses. If you wear contacts, here’s what you need to know about cleaning them to protect your eye health.

Wash Your Hands First Before Handling Lens

It doesn’t matter how clean your lenses are. Once, they are contaminated by unwashed hands, they must be cleaned again. The first and final steps for properly cleaning your contacts lens include:

  • Washing your hands with soap and water
  • Rinsing hands with clean water
  • Drying hands with a clean, lint-free towel

Best Cleaning Method is “Rub and Rinse”

Experts consider the “rub and rinse” the best way to clean contacts even if your recommended cleaning solution is the “no-rub” type. After cleaning your hands, rub your lenses in one palm of your hand using your fingers from your other hand. Next, rinse each contact with solution before soaking them.

Remember, only use the cleaning solution recommended by your contact lens manufacturer or eye doctor. Never rinse or store your contact lenses in water, even if it is sterile water. Do not use rewetting drops to disinfect your lenses. If you remove your lenses, always clean them before wearing them again.

Don’t Forget to Also Clean Cases

It is essential to keep the case for your contact lenses clean. Don’t forget to clean it every time you use it with hot tap water or sterile solution. Make sure to allow the case to air dry in between use. Your lens case should be replaced every three months or if it is cracked or damaged.

Our eye specialists at Valley Eyecare Center can answer any questions you may have about cleaning your contacts. Don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment if you suspect you may have an eye infection by calling (602) 955-2700.