Almost all of us have been guilty at one time or another of wiping our glasses with a tissue, paper towel, or shirt sleeve. But by doing so, you risk damaging your lenses and are not really cleaning them completely because your frames need to be cleaned, too. Here is how to properly clean your eye glasses to prevent scratches and help them last.

Start with Clean Hands

Make sure that your hands are clean before beginning to clean your glasses. Wash your hands with a lotion-free soap and dry with a clean, lint-free towel.

Rinse Eye Glasses with Water

Use lukewarm water to gently rinse away any dust or other debris before cleaning. This will help prevent scratching your lenses while you clean them. Do not use hot water because it could damage eyeglass lens materials.

Use Lotion Free Dishwashing Liquid

You can use a small amount of dishwashing liquid to clean your glasses. Do not use a brand that contains lotions because your lenses could become damaged.

Gently Rub Lenses and All Parts

Using your fingers, gently rub both sides of your eye glass lenses. Make sure to clean every part of your glasses, including the frames and nose pads to remove dust, debris, and oil from your skin.

Thoroughly Rinse Away All Soap

You will want to thoroughly rinse away all traces of soap from your glasses. If soap is left on your lenses, you will end up with smudges on them when you dry them.

Drying Your Glasses

Remove as much water possible by gently shaking your glasses before drying them with a clean, lint-free towel. Use a cotton towel that has not been washed or dried with fabric softener or dryer sheets.

Remove Any Remaining Smudges with Microfiber Cloth

Inspect your eye glasses for any remaining smudges or streaks. You can remove these with a clean microfiber cloth.

Cleaning Your Glasses on the Go

Sometimes it is not possible to go through all these steps to clean your glasses when you are on the go. Considering purchasing pre-moistened disposable lens cleaning wipes that are designed specifically for cleaning lenses.

Remember, even though you may have scratch resistant lenses, they are not scratch-proof. Being careful with your glasses and storing them in a protective case can help prevent damage, but they won’t last forever. When it is time to for new eye glasses, call Valley Eyecare Center at (602) 955-2700 to schedule your next eye exam.