For parents, protecting their children is their number one concern. While this often means ensuring the child plays with safe toys and can’t get into the household chemical sprays, it can also mean guarding a child against eye injuries. It’s important to know how to keep their eyes safe during play, chores, and even time around the house.

Eye Safety at Home

Many childhood eye injuries occur in the home. Often, these injuries can be prevented with simple safety steps, such as:

  • Cushion sharp edges. You can purchase padding made to soften the corners of tables, desks, and other furniture items. This padding can help prevent serious harm in the event your child trips and falls onto the corner.
  • Put away sharp office items. If you work from home, ensure your paper clips, scissors, pencils, and other sharp office items are locked away from curious children.
  • Teach children to be dog smart. Even trusted family dogs can snap if pushed far enough. Many of these bites occur on the face, and can cause eye injuries. Show your child how to be respectful of family pets, and invest in dog training to keep everyone safe!
  • Purchase safety glasses for some chores. If your child mows the lawn or undertakes other chores were debris may fly, safety glasses are a vital addition to the task.

Eye Safety at Play

Children play hard and seldom realize how much unnecessary risk they place themselves in. Help your child learn to play safely with some basic steps:

  • Purchase sports eye protectors with polycarbonate lenses. Teach your children to wear eye protection while playing games such as baseball, soccer, football, and more. This eye protection is also fantastic if your children enjoy Nerf battles!
  • Provide age-appropriate toys. Ensure all toys are safe for your child’s age. Avoid BB guns, air rifles, pellet guns, and archery equipment unless your child is properly supervised and in an appropriate, safety-cleared area.
  • Guide your child’s choices of appropriate play. Children can get caught up in the moment. Teach them not to throw sand, make darts with cactus spines, or other potentially harmful playtime activities.

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