As a parent, keeping up with your children’s eye health can be a challenge. These behaviors may be the first clues that your child could use their first pair of glasses.

  • Holding books and hand-held devices close to their face. If your child has difficulty seeing, they may hold their books, phone, or handheld console too close to their eyes. If you notice this, it’s a good time to ask if they’re having trouble seeing other objects, too.
  • Sitting too close to the television or computer screen. If your child needs to scoot close to a screen to clearly see what’s displayed, it can indicate they have myopia, or nearsightedness.
  • Complaints of eye pain or headaches. Straining to read fuzzy words or see blurry objects is difficult. It can leave your child with discomfort when they do it for too long.
  • Excessive eye rubbing. Eye rubbing is another sign of eye strain, which can happen if a child struggles to see. Should you notice your child often rubs their eyes, it can indicate they have vision difficulties.
  • Regular squinting. Squinting can temporarily improve focus for people with vision difficulties. If your child often squints at text, video games, or television programs, they may have trouble seeing them clearly.
  • Trouble concentrating on reading or schoolwork. While difficulties with concentration can be a sign of many childhood challenges, they can also indicate vision difficulties.
  • Reading with one eye closed or covered, or tilting the head. If your child reads or watches television with one eye closed or covered, or tilts their head to adjust the angle they’re watching from, it can indicate vision difficulties. Ask your children’s eye health specialist to check for visual clarity and eye alignment.

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