Glasses offer an effective, low-maintenance way to correct your child’s vision. At some point, however, your child may show an interest in contact lenses, especially if they feel self-conscious socially or want to be more active in sports. But how do you determine your child’s readiness for contact lenses? Here are some telltale signs your child may be ready for contact lenses.

They Want Them

Contacts are a lot of work and the key to a successful transition is that your child has to make the request. If they dislike wearing their glasses and have asked if they could switch to contact lenses instead, that’s one of the signs that your child is ready for contacts. The drive to wear contact lenses should come from your child and no one else.

They Have Good Hygiene Practices

Contact lenses require proper handling and use. Poor hygiene when handling contact lenses can cause eye infections and other eye complications. So, if your child washes their hands frequently throughout the day, they may a good candidate for contact lenses because you won’t have to worry about them touching the contacts with dirty hands.

They Perform Their Assigned Tasks without Any Reminders

Another way to determine whether your child is ready for contact lenses is to evaluate how responsible they are in all aspects of life. Do they do their household chores or homework without being prodded? Do they put their dishes away? Do they brush their teeth twice a day without being reminded to do so? Do they complete their chores without complaining? If you answered yes to these questions, your child is responsible enough for contact lenses.

Remember, the age of your child doesn’t always determine their maturity. For instance, you may have a 16-year-old who constantly misplaces their glasses and a 12-year-old who takes responsibility for their homework and chores. If your child can’t handle simple tasks independently, it might be wise to wait a year or two before you get the contact lenses.

They Take Good Care of Their Eyeglasses

Although they don’t find them pleasant to wear, your child makes an effort to take good care of their eyeglasses. They don’t place them loosely in their backpack, put them down on the playground, or leave them in class. If your child is hands-on with their glasses, it’s safe to assume they show the same amount of effort with contact lenses.

Your Child Plays Sports

Contact lenses are perfect for athletic kids. They have more options for protective eyewear and enjoy better peripheral (side) vision. Plus, your child won’t have to worry about their glasses getting broken in their face or constantly slipping due to sweat. Contacts don’t fog up like glasses, improving your kid’s vision and performance.

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