Eye HealthWhen you are worried about buying presents, cooking meals and spending time with family, friends and loved ones, eye safety may not be your top priority. This Holiday Season, we want to raise awareness of potential hazards that could compromise your eye health and ruin your festivities. Follow these tips on how to protect your eyes and ensure your vision is safe during the Holidays.

Be Cautious When Cooking

With having to worry about making enough food to satisfy your guests, being around the stove for long periods of time will be inevitable. When cooking, be careful while handling boiling pots and hot surfaces. These potential hazards could easily cause vision loss as they pose a threat in burning your eye or areas surrounding.

Be Careful When Opening Bottles of Sparkling Beverages

Holiday parties and celebrations usually involve popping bottles of champagne or other sparkling drinks. Eye safety is first and foremost when handling champagne bottles. As you are about to open the bottle, holding down the cork, while removing the wire around it, can reduce many potential risks already. This way, the cork doesn’t shoot up onto your eyeball.

Be Cautious in Partaking in Physical Activities

Without fun and games with your friends and family, the holidays wouldn’t be the same. Making sure that you keep eye safety in mind as you play sports is important. Equip the correct safety eyewear while you play. In a colder climate, as the snow and wind can potentially dry out your eyes, invest in snow gear to protect your vision.

Buy Child-Proof Gifts

Paying mind to what you gift to children this holiday season is extremely important as some toys may pose potentially dangerous threats. Small children do not know any better, so if anything is the least bit sharp or pointy, it can be hazardous. Ensure that there is proper supervision as your children play with these types of toys, so they can play without the risk of poking an eye out.

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