Man swimmer swimming crawl in blue water. Portrait of an athletic young male triathlete swimming craWhen thinking about your health, do you consider the condition of your eyes and take preventative measures to protect them? If not, then you’re leaving a valuable part of your body open to injury and damage. Here are three ways to ensure your eye health.

Choose the Right Lighting

When you’re doing close-up work, the right lighting makes a big difference in reducing eye strain. For the best results, use a shaded light that’s directed at the work you’re doing. This will provide the amount of light you need without shining it directly into your eyes. A brighter light source is beneficial if you have vision problems.

Avoid Injury

Eye injuries can range from minor to blindness-inducing. Taking precautions with your eye health is crucial to avoiding permanent damage. Here are some tips to help you protect your vision:

  • Use protective eyewear – It’s important to wear safety goggles or glasses anytime you may be exposed to flying objects or debris, and while playing sports. You should also always wear goggles when working near strong chemicals.
  • Take care with hot objects – Cooking can be dangerous to your eyes when hot grease or oil is involved. Be careful to shield your eyes from splatter.
  • Eliminate fall hazards – Loose rugs or railings, sharp corners, and unsecured furniture can all lead to falls that result in damage to your eyes. Secure all objects in your home and consider covering sharp edges, especially if a young child or senior adult lives with you.

These are just a few ways to prevent eye injury. In addition to these tips, remember your eye health in everything you do.

See Your Eye Doctor

People with good vision tend to neglect getting regular eye exams. But this is a huge mistake. Eye health issues can occur whether you have poor vision or not, especially as you age. It’s important to get your eyes checked regularly by a qualified doctor in order to maintain great eye health. Specialists can detect concerns early, thus preventing potential problems from becoming damaging issues down the road.

With the right care and preventative measures, you can enjoy great vision for years to come. For more information on protecting your eyes, contact us today.