dry-eyesPhoenix winter is here, and so is the extremely low humidity that comes with it. It is common for many people to experience an increase in eye dryness in the winter. And if you live in an area prone to smog and dust, like Phoenix, your likelihood of dry eyes increases. You do not need to suffer in silence because there are ways to manage your dry eyes this season.

Minimize Environmental Factors

If environmental factors are the main cause of your eye dryness, there are a few things you can do to manage your exposure, including:

  • Adding moisture to the air in your home by using a humidifier
  • Using a high-quality HVAC air filter to reduce eye irritants in your home
  • Wearing wraparound sunglasses to prevent wind from blowing in your eyes
  • Avoiding cigarette smoke

Reducing Screen Time

Sitting at a computer all day or using other devices with digital screens can dry your eyes out and cause digital eye strain. Cutting back on screen time can help. But if this isn’t possible, remember to take breaks every 10-20 minutes to rest your eyes and remember to blink your eyes more often to promote eye moisture.

Use Artificial Tears

Over-the-counter artificial tears can help moisturize your eyes. However, if you need to use them more than once every two hours, you should discuss your medication options with your eye doctor. Using a lubricating gel at bedtime could also improve the moisture in your eyes.

Pamper Your Eyelids

Showing your eyelids a little extra care could help improve the quality of your tears. Pamper your eyelids by applying warm compresses on your eyes to help stimulate oil production in their glands. Carefully clean your lids with mild soap and warm water on a clean washcloth. Make sure to thoroughly rinse your eyes afterwards.

If you continue to experience dry eyes, it is time to discuss treatment options with your eye doctor. Call Valley Eyecare Center at (602) 955-2700 to schedule your appointment today.