Though it is always important to preserve your eye health, the goal of March is to focus on active ways to save your eyesight. “Save Your Vision Month” may remind you to have your eyes checked, do a little research to educate yourself on eye health topics, or discuss eyecare with friends and coworkers.

Conditions Affecting Vision

Many illnesses affecting other elements of the body can have an impact on your eye health. Patients with diabetes are especially vulnerable to sight loss since their blood vessels are affected. Persons with allergies may have a difficult time focusing due to redness and irritation. Migraine sufferers may have an “aura” or “halo” around objects, or experience flashes of light or other visual disturbances. Glaucoma, macular degeneration, infection, cataracts, detached retina and more can cause a partial or complete loss of sight. See your eye health professional regularly to identify these conditions quickly.

Workplace Eye Safety

No matter your occupation, risks to your eyesight are everywhere. Eye strain related to too much computer or smartphone work is a very common problem in any industry. For those performing computer duties, remember to take a break and look away from the screen frequently. The 20-20-20 rule is any easy way to give your eyes a rest. Every 20 minutes take 20 seconds to look 20 feet away. This changes your eyes’ lens size and focal points and allows them to rest. Ensure that your screen isn’t affected by glare, and that light sources are adequate but not overwhelming for your work environment. Getting adequate sleep also helps prevent eye strain.

For those using power equipment or working in circumstances where there may be flying debris or machinery, eye protection is a MUST. Always wear safety glasses when performing hazardous activities or as required at your workplace. A moment of laziness can cost you a lifetime of sight loss.

Handling Eye Emergencies

The most important factor when dealing with an object in your eye or some other type of trauma is to get attention quickly. If debris has entered your eye, do NOT rub the eye. Flush it with saline if possible. Whether an accident, pain, or sudden change in vision, get to medical help right away.

Your eyes are a delicate marvel. Be sure to have routine eye exams and talk to your Phoenix eyecare professional any time you notice a change in your eye health.