While men and women share many similarities with regard to eyecare, men may have greater exposure to situations that present hazards to their eye health. Habits, lifestyle choices, and work environment may all create situations that endanger your vision, so it’s important to protect yourself in these cases.

Skilled Trades
Many trade positions in industries such as welding, auto repair, carpentry, plumbing and more are statistically held by more men than women. These positions often involve working with hand tools, open flame, high power equipment or other potentially dangerous implements. Byproducts or debris from the work area can easily enter the eye even without the use of tools. Using equipment further adds to the danger of an eye injury. Wearing personal protective equipment is a must in most skilled trades and should not be overlooked. A moment without safety glasses could mean a lifetime of blindness or diminished sight.

It is easy to get caught up in the spirit of competition or male camaraderie while playing sports. You may take more risks when you are emotionally invested in an athletic activity than your common sense would normally allow, and all too easily an eye injury can be the unfortunate result. As with using protective equipment for work, wearing goggles or safety glasses during contact sports can be the best eyecare measure you can take. Those participating in outdoor sports should wear sunglasses with UV protection, which will help you avoid cataracts later in life, and protect you from sunburn of the eye and eye cancers.

Historically, men have been heavier smokers than women. Smoking is not only harmful to your heart and lungs but wreaks havoc on your eye health as well. Cataracts and macular degeneration are serious risks for smokers. Individuals with existing eye conditions exponentially raise their chance of blindness if they also smoke. If you are a smoker, quitting now can give your eyes time to recover from any damage they’ve incurred.

Through daily life, men expose themselves to significant risk of eye injury or disease. Many factors can negatively affect your eye health. Recognizing those factors and taking the appropriate measures to protect your eyes can mean the difference between blindness and sight in your immediate future as well as in the future. Consult with an eyecare provider to discuss ways to conserve your precious vision in any situation.