Phoenix OptometryGood eye care leads to good body care, and that’s important to remember during Men’s Health Month!

When you’re thinking about protecting your body, don’t forget about your eyes.  They’re critical for your overall health.  You only get one pair, so ocular health should be a top priority.

Eye Care Tips For Men’s Health Month

1 – Update your prescription.

If it’s been more than a year since your last eye exam, it’s time to make an appointment.  Here are two major reasons to do so:

A – Most people’s eyesight, unfortunately, gets worse over time.  While new glasses may not be needed every year, it’s important to periodically re-check your eyes to ensure you remain 20/20.

B – There are a range of diseases, including diabetes and even some brain disorders, which leave telltale early-warning signs in the eye that a trained optometrist can detect.

2 – Invest in better sunglasses.

If you’re still using cheap drugstore sunglasses, you leave your eyes open to damage from the sun’s UV rays.  Proper sunglasses are UV-treated, polarized, or tint-correcting to ensure optimal visibility while protecting your eyes from damage.

If you’re into outdoor sports, we highly recommend sports goggles as a preventative measure to protect your eyes from unexpected impact and debris.

3 – Always follow the instructions on your contacts.

If you wear contacts, it’s critical to follow the instructions:

  • Don’t leave lenses in overnight, unless designed for 24-hour wear.
  • Don’t use disposable lenses for longer than recommended, as their edges can quickly wear down and become sharp.
  • Always follow proper cleaning procedures, with fresh cleaner every time, to prevent the buildup of infectious microbes.
  • If your eyes burn or feel sharp stabs, immediately remove your lenses, clean both the lens and your eye, and leave them out until the pain goes away.

Need more eye care tips?  Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have!