Allergies are a miserable affliction that can occur any time of year. Sneezing, itching, congestion, and eye health issues can be a gruesome burden. Combating allergies can be equally terrible since many common treatments leave users either drowsy or overstimulated. This season, try some natural remedies first to help you cope.


As with any ingested substance, consult your doctor before taking any natural supplements. Ask about interactions with your medicines, and heed product warnings. That said, allergy sufferers may find relief in combinations specifically designed for allergies or with individual herbs. Some herbs that may help include butterbur, grape seed extract, quercetin, and stinging nettle.

Nasal Flush

One way to help you breathe again is to use a neti pot containing saline solution to flush your nasal passages. The saline solution is a simple formula consisting of sea salt or canning salt (do not use table salt), baking soda, and lots of boiled and cooled water. The pot will rinse out pollen, mucus, or irritants that are causing trouble. Check with your allergist or eye health provider about adding ingredients like eucalyptus or goldenseal tonic for even greater benefit.

Check Your Diet

One way to calm your body’s reaction to allergens is to start with your diet. Those with certain types of allergies, such as ragweed or pollen, may need to avoid certain foods like sunflower seeds, cucumbers, chamomile or echinacea tea or supplements, bananas, and melons. While you are investigating your diet for possible allergy stimulants, add some spice to your meals as that will help thin mucus and clear out your sinuses while delighting your taste buds.


Another chemical-free method of combating allergy symptoms is through acupuncture. Children and adults alike have had considerable success in minimizing allergy trouble by undergoing regular acupuncture sessions. This can be combined with massage sessions, which has also been shown to help allergy sufferers.

The best allergy defense is to protect yourself from allergens as much as possible. If you must do yard work, protect your sinuses with a dust mask and your eye health with goggles. Keep your home dust and dander free. Start treatment with supplements or acupuncture about 3-4 weeks before allergy season to help your body better manage its response to the onslaught of allergens. Some simple preparation and use of natural remedies can help you stay clear-headed and comfortable through the coming allergy season.