It is time for all the fun that summer brings. Sun, sand, water, and warm weather all await you. When you answer the call this season, do so with your eye health on your mind. Taking a few easy measures now to protect your eyes will benefit you now and later.

Sun Damage

As with any other part of your body, exposure to lots of UV rays can seriously damage your vision. The delicate tissue around your eyes is vulnerable to skin cancers and your eye itself can become sunburned, a painful condition known as Photokeratitis.

Long term effects of the sun on your eye health are significant and may eventually steal your sight. Cataracts are the condition in which your corneas lose their clarity, becoming yellowed or cloudy over time. UV rays are a direct contributor to cataract development. Another frightening eye condition made worse by UV is macular degeneration, when the center of your vision begins to diminish.

Always wear sunglasses and a brimmed hat outdoors, even in hazy weather and winter. UV rays are always present. Children and teenagers spend more time outdoors than adults, so it is especially important to remember their eye health needs.

Water Hazards

Swimming can hurt your eyes in a few different ways. Spending time in a pool exposes you to bacteria and chemicals. Swimming with your eyes open makes the situation worse and you may get out of the pool with red, stinging eyes. Chemicals are necessary to sterilize the pool environment but are very rough on delicate eye tissue. If you plan on swimming with your eyes open, wear goggles in the interest of eye safety. Your eye doctor can help you get prescription goggles to see better under water if you are near or farsighted.

Summer Sports

All the fun of summer could also be dangerous to your eye health. Sports can lead to eye jabs, impact from flying objects, debris or dirt in your eye, plus extra UV exposure. Always wear protective eye wear while participating in contact sports and pay attention to your surroundings to avoid projectiles and collisions with other players.

Summer comes with lots of fun but lots of risk to your eye health. Preparing in advance for outings and taking care of your eyes today means that your sight will stay clear and focused for many years.