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July is UV Safety Month

Summer is here in Arizona, and our sun is shining brightly. July is UV Safety Month, and it’s a great time to reflect on whether or not you’re protecting your eyes properly.

What UV Rays Can Do to Your Eyes

We’ve likely been told about the importance of wearing sunglasses and that UV rays from the sun are dangerous for our eyes. But just how dangerous are they? One of the main concerns regarding UV rays is that prolonged exposure to them can increase our risk of cataracts and eye cancers. Not only can that exposure increase those risks, but in some cases, intense exposure can cause temporary blindness. If you’ve ever been up in the mountains on a sunny winter day, you may have experienced snow blindness, which is caused by the sun reflecting off the snow. The sun can also reflect off water and sand, so being aware of that risk is just as important at the lake as it was on the slopes.

How to Keep Your Eyes Safe

Practicing good eye safety habits is the best way to protect your eyes during the summer, and all year long. Making sure you have a good, quality pair of sunglasses that block 100% UV is one of the first building blocks of good eye safety. Your sunglasses should also have a dark tint that blocks around 80% of transmissible light, to relieve the strain on your eyes on sunny days, and should be large, or even wrap around to protect the sides of your eyes. Even though sunglasses and a hat may seem like too much, it is definitely not! The brimmed hat will protect your eyes from the sun shining down into your sunglasses from the top.

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