Phoenix_Eye_DoctorsAnyone who practices optometry will tell you that cataract surgery is quick, relatively easy, and virtually free of complications as long as you follow a few simple guidelines. Having eye surgery isn’t fun, but a one-day outpatient procedure can gain you years of clear vision.

So, if you’re looking at cataract surgery in the near future, here’s what you can expect:

Preparing For Your Cataract Surgery

Most of the preparations for cataract surgery is done by your optometrist, such as an ultrasound scan of your eyeballs to determine their exact shape and composition. Barring unusual circumstances, your own contributions will only come within a day of the surgery.

  • Fasting: In most cases, you need to go into surgery with an empty stomach. Unless your optometry provider says otherwise, you’ll have to skip breakfast and potentially dinner the night before.
  • No alcohol: To prevent complications from the anesthetic or potential liver damage, you must abstain from alcohol for at least 24 hours beforehand. No exceptions.
  • Other medications: Be sure to tell your optometrist every medication you’re currently taking. Some may need to be discontinued for a day or two to prevent complications.
  • Time off from work: You’ll need a minimum of a day to recover and regain your vision.  A week’s rest is recommended, if possible.
  • A ride home: You generally won’t have to stay in the clinic for more than a couple hours after surgery, but you will not be able to drive yourself safely that day. Find a ride who can pick up your prescriptions and take you home.

Cataracts once promised blindness, but today, they’re relatively quick and easy to remove. If you have cataracts, don’t be worried about the surgery. Modern optometry has made it easier than ever to repair your vision!