Sports season is around the corner and with it comes a list of threats to your eye safety. For those who play baseball or softball, this can be the time of year when you meet with factors that can change your life by robbing you of your sight.

Sun and UV Damage

Long hours of practice and game days mean plenty of time spent outdoors in the sun. Your eyes are very vulnerable to the effects of ultraviolet (UV) light and need protection. Always wear a hat with a brim to shade your eyes from overhead sun, and wear UV-blocking sunglasses even on cloudy days. Overcast weather may not seem hazardous, but UV light is prevalent even in those conditions. UV light causes not only skin cancer around your eye, but a number of other very serious conditions such as macular degeneration and cataracts, which may result in loss of vision.

Wind and Dust

Not only is the sun a hazard while participating in outdoor sports, but wind and dust also cause major discomfort to your eyes. Your eyes easily lose their natural moisture when exposed to these factors, resulting in dry, red, painful eyes. The suffering of contact lens wearers is amplified and debris adhered to contacts may cause scratches to the surface of your eye. Wearing sunglasses provides a buffer to wind and blowing dust, reducing discomfort and allowing your eyes to remain lubricated and content. Contact lens wearers should be careful to clean lenses thoroughly after outdoor activities to protect their eye safety.

Flying Objects

Baseball and softball are great sports for players at all levels. Since so many types of players are involved, there is a significant risk of your team mates and competitors having less than perfect accuracy when pitching, hitting, or throwing the ball. On bright days, it’s easy to lose track of a pitch that has been hit high into the air. One misfired ball or a ball lost in the sun later and you could be permanently blinded. For these reasons, your focus on eye safety should prompt you to purchase eye guards or protective eyewear to prevent devastating injuries to your eyes.

Outdoor sports, especially baseball and softball, are a fantastic way to be active and social but do come with some risks. Consult your Phoenix Eyecare professional about the right steps to take to ensure your eye safety for many seasons.