Eye_HealthAs the holidays come and go and the children play with their new treasures, in the blink of an eye, a toy can cause tragedy if in the wrong hands. December is Safe Toys and Gifts month, so please take the time to learn from past children’s eye care mishaps to protect your loved ones.

Adequate Supervision

The best tactic you can take to save your child from vision accidents is to supervise their play with a new toy until you are confident that he or she is using the toy appropriately and find it to not pose as a hazard to them. When kids of mixed age groups are together, keep an eye on them to make sure that playtime doesn’t get out of hand.

Age Appropriate

One of the biggest problems when it comes to children’s eye care is that children often receive and play with toys that are for older age groups. This might seem harmless enough, but small children do not have the logic and reasoning ability to know that sharp corners or thrown objects have the capability to hurt them, even so drastically as stealing their vision permanently. Avoid giving children gifts that are marked for an older age group, and stay away from items that shoot projectiles.

Eye Protection

For kids receiving sports equipment for the holiday gift giving season, be sure that they also receive the correct protective gear they’ll need to stay safe during their playtime. Sports goggles or glasses should be worn during most sports. Consult your children’s eye care specialist for guidance on the styles and criteria to look for when selecting this type of eyewear.

Keep the holidays safe and your kids out of harm’s way by considering these tips, and talk to your Phoenix eye doctor with any eye safety questions before giving questionable gifts to your child.