Eye_Health_PhoenixHere’s a common misconception that is completely invalid: That it’s a good idea to “take a break” from your glasses, or that consistent use of corrective lenses can harm the eyes.

The truth is, wearing corrective lenses can never make your eyesight worse.

Keep Wearing Those Glasses! They Only Help.

Phoenix eye doctors know, eyesight problems are ultimately physical in nature. They’re caused by changes to your eyeballs over time and as you age.

Damage to the outer layers can build up over time. Your eyes can slowly go egg-shaped, throwing off their focus. Diseases can damage the inner surface or the nerve connections linking your mind to your eyes.

Occasionally, even neurological problems can harm one’s eyesight – but not corrective lenses. These simply attempt to adjust for problems that have already occurred.

Instead, most people tend to mistake simple eye strain for eyesight damage.

Eye Strain Is Not Permanent

People often forget that their eyes include a system of muscles, controlling their eyes’ movements, blinking, and focus. If you overwork your eyes, they can feel sore for the same basic reasons that jogging makes your legs burn.

That’s why, for example, many people get headaches from “3D” movies and video games. The illusion of depth causes folks to refocus their eyes constantly, leading to an ocular “workout” that they don’t even realize is happening!

If you’re feeling the effects of eye strain, don’t push your eyes unnecessarily. Phoenix eye doctors suggest to take off your glasses for a few minutes, or close your eyes to rest them. Otherwise, simple NSAID painkillers (like Aspirin or Aleve) are usually all you need for an eye strain headache.

However, if you or someone in your family experiences frequent or extreme eye strain headaches, it may be time to contact your Phoenix eye doctor for a checkup.