Color blindness is the inability to see colors in a normal way. You could be born with it or develop it later in life from certain conditions or injuries. Here are a few signs and symptoms that could indicate that you or a loved one may be color blind and what can be done about it.

Common Signs and Symptoms of Being Color Blind

There are some common signs and symptoms that may indicate a person may be color blind even if they do not realize it. Symptoms can run from the very minor to more obvious and include:

  • Problems telling colors apart
  • Making mistakes when identifying colors
  • Inability to tell the difference between shades of green and red or green and blue or brightness of colors
  • Having light sensitivity
  • Experiencing nystagmus, which is uncontrollable, rapid eye movements


Help for Color Blindness

Color blindness is commonly inherited; therefore, your child might not realize there is a problem with their vision. If others in your family are known to be color blind, you should have your child evaluated at an early age. Your eye doctor will perform a simple eye test, which is normally included in a child’s routine vision screen that tests for red-green color blindness.

If you suspect your child might be color blind or you are having difficulty with color vision, speak to your eye doctor right away. There is no cure for inherited forms of color blindness. However, when it is due to injury or an underlying condition, there may be treatment options for it.

Most people can live normal lives despite being color blind. There are different strategies they can take to work around the condition, including:

  • Wearing special glasses or contacts to improve color recognition for those with a red-green deficiency
  • Memorization of the order of colored objects like a traffic light
  • Having someone with color vision sort matching clothing and accessories

Early detection of color blindness can help your child adjust better in school. However, without an eye exam, you might not realize they are having difficulty. Schedule your child’s yearly eye exam at Valley Eyecare Center by contacting us at (602) 955-2700 or requesting an appointment online.