Eye_safetyAlthough the Olympics may be over, you may still be in the Olympic mood to play sports and unleash your inner athlete. Whether you’re picking up a sport for the first time, have been a pro for many years, or whether your kids are trying out for a fall team, it is important to remember to be safe. While you may think of putting on shin guards or kneepads to ensure your safety, you should also be sure to protect your eyes from any potential injury. Since September is Sports Eye Safety Month, we have outlined a few tips to make sure that your eyes will be unaffected as you make your way down the court or the baseball field. Read on to learn more about sports eye safety!

Sports Eye Safety

All sports can pose as a potential threat to your eyes, but some are more dangerous than others. Basketball, baseball, boxing, soccer, and any sport involving a racquet are considered “high-risk sports” in which participants should wear protective eyewear. Although high-risk sports may pose the greatest dangers to your eye safety, lower-risk sports can also damage your eye health. In just a game of racquetball alone, the ball can travel between 60 and 200 miles per hour. Since there is a quickly moving object involved in almost any sport, you should make sure to protect your eyes.

How can you ensure that your eyes are safe? Sports goggles are available for nearly all sports, and these polycarbonate goggles will protect your eyes from fast-moving objects. Sports goggles can even be made to have prescription lenses if you need corrected vision. Eye safety can make a huge difference in a game—don’t neglect your eyes the next time you hit the court!

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