The hustle and bustle of the holidays leaves most of us in a frenzy. Starting the new year usually means making resolutions you may or may not keep. This year, make one to take better care of your vision, and that means scheduling your eye exam. Here are some great reasons you should!

Prevent Disease

Did you know that your annual eye exam is the best chance for you to fight dangerous eye health conditions? No matter what your age, certain lifestyle choices and health conditions leave you at high risk for eye issues that could potentially leave you blind without warning or symptoms. Your eye doctor has sophisticated equipment that can see the innermost parts of the eye and detect trouble at the very start. This helps prevent further progression of the disease and keeps your vision intact. Some patients may not know they’ve got medical health issues until their eye doctor spots a sign and refers them to their M.D. for further testing, potentially saving the patient’s life.

Eye_HealthVision Correction

Many people think it’s no big deal to wear the same glasses for years, or wear contacts for longer than they are designed. An annual eye exam is an absolute must to keep your vision crisp, clear, and correct. Wearing old glasses or contacts that are past their prime is very likely to cause eye strain, headaches, fatigue, and irritation. As you grow older, your vision needs are likely to change and your eye doctor is your first line of defense to ensure you can still drive safely and read or do close-up tasks in comfort.

Start 2014 off right — happy, healthy, and with clear vision. If you’ve got vision insurance, the new year typically means refreshed benefits so be sure to schedule your annual eye exam today.