phoenix_eye_careParents of children who wear glasses often wonder, ‘When is my child ready for contacts?’

While most kids start wearing contact lenses in their teens, recent studies have shown that children as young as 8 years old can successfully wear contacts and care for them properly. There is no magic age when kids are ready for contact lenses — it really depends on how responsible they are and how motivated they are to wear contacts.

Though many teens want contacts because they feel they look better without glasses, there are other benefits of contact lenses as well.

Contact lenses offer better peripheral vision than glasses and there little or no risk of them dislodging from the eye. This can be a big advantage in sports.

Caring for contact lenses is also simpler than ever. In most cases, only one contact lens solution is needed to rinse, clean, disinfect and store the lenses. For even greater convenience, daily disposable contact lenses are an option for most wearers. These lenses are discarded after each use, so there is no lens care required at all.

Contact lenses also boost self-esteem, especially among teenage girls, according to recent research called the Adolescent and Child Health Initiative to Encourage Vision Empowerment (ACHIEVE) study. This study found that contact lenses significantly improve how children and teens feel about their physical appearance, acceptance among friends and ability to play sports. Contacts even make some kids more confident about their academic performance, the study found.

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