Several thousand workers must seek medical treatment for workplace eye injuries each year. At least a third of these injuries require treatment in a hospital emergency room. Taking simple eye safety precautions can help prevent you from joining them.

Even the safest workplaces can pose a threat to the health of your eyes. Keep your vision sharp and your eyes safe by following these tips to protect your eyes at work!

Know the eye safety hazards found at your workplace. Every workplace poses different eye health challenges. Where a construction site may have a potential for flying particles or chemical burns, an office environment may pose eye strain risks or hot liquid risks. You may find eye dangers such as:

  • Dangerous chemicals. People who work with chemicals should take care not to allow these substances to splash into their eyes. Chemical hazards aren’t limited to chemistry-based work or construction sites. Simple cleaning chemicals can harm your eyes, either by direct contact or through fumes.
  • Particulate and projectile hazards. Workplaces such as mechanic garages, home renovation work, plumbing, landscaping, and other hands-on jobs can pose a threat of flying particles that may injure your eyes. Even office workers may experience threats from splashing liquids or malfunctioning staplers.
  • Heat and light. Working in the sun is a hazard to eyes. The ultraviolet rays from our star can cause eye health issues unless you protect yourself against them.

Eliminate eye safety hazards from your working environment. Be certain your workplace is as eye safe as it can be. Ensure machinery has proper screens and protective measures installed. Clean up potential flying projectile hazards, such as wood chips or small debris, as soon as you are able.

Protect yourself from potential workplace eye hazards. Wearing proper protective equipment is the most important step you can take toward guarding against workplace eye injuries. Wear safety glasses, goggles, or face shields as appropriate. If you are using a cleaning solution to tidy up an office space, consider wearing safety glasses to protect yourself. Should your work take you outside, wear sunglasses.

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