Sunglasses are not only fashionable, but also an essential tool in eyecare. Choosing the perfect pair can be a challenge with so many different options available, so here are a few tips to help men select the ideal shades that are not only comfortable, but also suite your style needs.


The most important question when choosing your perfect sunglasses is how you will use them. What hobbies do you enjoy? Must you be concerned with flying debris or hazards? Polarized lenses help you see clearly during outdoor sports, especially those involving water since the polarization neutralizes the reflections produced off of the water. Men working with equipment or around projectiles should purchase sunglasses with safety-grade lenses and frames covering more eye area, for maximum protection.


If your job or lifestyle requires you to be outdoors for long periods of time, comfort will be of the utmost importance. Your frames should not rub too firmly on your ears, temples, or nose. They should fit the width of your face without placing too much pressure on the skin, but also making sure that they don’t slip down your nose. Nose pads are always a good option, since hard plastic can cause pain and headaches from resting on your nose for over a long period of time.

In General

A critical factor in choosing the right sunglasses is ensuring that they provide adequate protection for your eyes. They should be rated as UV-blocking, and be tinted enough so that your eyes are comfortable in bright sunlight, yet the lens does not compensate your vision on dimmer days. Any time you are outside during the day, it is highly advised that sunglasses should be worn, as UV rays are still present even in overcast conditions.

Sunglasses are a great way for you to express your style, but more importantly allow you to see better and protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. Talk to your Phoenix eye doctor for more advice on choosing the perfect sunglasses just for you.