Sunglasses serve a crucial function in protecting your eyes from glare, ultraviolet radiation, and eye strain, but also are a staple in women’s fashion. Living in Phoenix, sunglasses are crucial at every age. With so many different types of gorgeous shades out there, how do you pick the perfect pair?

Protection First

Before delving into the pretty factor of sunglasses, get the essentials handled first. Your glasses should be UV-blocking, polarized lenses. These will protect you from harmful radiation that cause optometry conditions like cataracts and age-related macular degeneration. Polarization helps you see crisply and cleanly in intense sun, and even into water if you are a lady who loves water sports. The slightly added cost of UV-blocking polarized lenses is well worth the protection you’ll have.

Face Shape

The frame style you choose in your next fabulous sunglasses should enhance the shape of your face. Some frame styles are not becoming on certain faces, and some may be neutral enough to go with many shapes. Face categories include oval, round, heart-shaped, diamond, triangle, or square shapes. Oval faces may look fantastic in just about any style frame, while optometry patients with round faces may have less options and opt for angular frames.

Frame Color

There are a few factors to think about when you start selecting the color frame you want in your beautiful new sunglasses. Many women have multiple pairs to complete different outfits. Black and silver frames, or brown and gold frames are a great basics to have, but feel free to go as wild as you like. Animal prints, bright colors, subtle frames, and wire rims are just a few possibilities to think about.

Sunglasses come in every color of the rainbow and can match any mood or outfit. Make sure the pair you select protect you, and after that the sky is the limit!