Eye Care TipsMonsoon season is a classic Arizona weather phenomenon that brings in rain, thunder and lightning—and dust storms that can be harmful to your eye health.

-In a climate that doesn’t get many storms, it’s a treat to get out and watch the monsoons roll in. But it is also important to keep a few eye care tips in mind before you head outside this season to avoid eye infections.

-If you get caught in a dust storm, get inside and rinse your eyes under the faucet. Debris in the eye can lead to various infections and can irritate the eye in general, so keep the eye area clean after you have been outside.

-Monsoon season can aggravate certain eye conditions, such as dry eyes, styes, conjunctivitis and corneal ulcers. Try to stay out of dusty, rainy conditions, and be sure to thoroughly rinse your eyes afterwards (and remove all makeup that may have collected debris throughout the day).

-Don’t drive in severe dust storms. Although this would not directly impact your eye health, your vision is impaired with dusty or extremely rainy conditions. If need be, pull over until the wall of dust has passed.

-If you do acquire a stye, apply a warm, damp cloth to the affected area until swelling and redness fade. Any other eye conditions—follow the eye care tips your specialist tells you

-Conjunctivitis is caused by a handful of conditions, including viral infections, allergies (which can become worse during monsoon season), and dry eyes due to wind and sun exposure. Medication cures this condition, so schedule an appointment with your eye care specialist as soon as possible.

Monsoon season makes for some awe-inspiring storms here in the Valley, but your eye health can be at risk out in the dust and debris in the air.

Follow these eye care tips this monsoon season so you can keep your eyes as healthy as possible. If you have more questions or would like to book an eye appointment with us at Valley Eyecare Center, give us a call at (602) 242-6888.