For someone new to eye issues or handling their own medical care, knowing what to ask Phoenix eye doctors may be out of your comfort zone. There are many facts you should know about your eye health, but these top questions will help you get started.

Where Is My Eye Health Now?

Whether it is your first optometrist appointment or you’ve been going for years, you should always know your current eye health status. Is everything normal? Do you have any indications of trouble? Your eye doctors should offer you this information without having to be asked but be sure you get a complete rundown of what is currently happening with your eyes.

What Can I Expect As I Age?

The years tend to sneak up on you, and your eye health is certainly impacted by the same stealth factor of aging. One day you may not notice any problems, and then all of a sudden you may realize you’re holding your book or newspaper at the other side of the table in order to read it. Eye doctors can tell you what changes the next years may bring your vision, since almost all people go through similar phases as they age.

How Does The Rest of My Health Matter?

Many medical conditions that are seemingly unrelated to your eyes do affect your eye health. Eye doctors will keep close tabs on a diabetic patient for example since they may develop retinopathy and blindness if not monitored carefully and treated before the problems start becoming worse. Certain medications might dry your eyes or create a double image or blurred vision.

Should I Change My Lifestyle?

Are you an athlete or an expert level couch potato? Either way your lifestyle may affect your eye health. Intense readers, computer workers, and gamers focus hard on their screens and may attain eyestrain. Sedentary individuals might need to boost their activity level to ward off health conditions ultimately harming their vision. Smokers can incur cataracts and other conditions.

This list will help get you started in becoming an eye conscious individual, but remember don’t ever be afraid to ask your Phoenix optometrist questions at your eye exam.