eye exam chart and glasses

Keeping up with yearly eye exams is one of the best ways to protect your eyesight. It is also gives you a great opportunity to discuss any concerns you might have about your vision with your eye doctor. Here are the top five questions you may want to ask your eye doctor.

1. How often should I have an eye exam?

As you get older, changes in your vision can happen more quickly. If you do have an eye condition, like glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration, or cataracts, your eye doctor may recommend that you have exams more often. This may also be true if you have certain medical conditions, including diabetes.

2. What tests will be performed during my exam?

You may want to ask your eye doctor what types of tests will be performed during your exam. Your doctor may recommend testing your peripheral vision or performing diagnostic evaluations to look for potential eye disease. He or she may also recommend dilating your pupils during the examination.

3. Am I at risk for developing any vision problems?

During your eye exam, you should ask your doctor what your risk is for developing any vision problems. He or she will discuss your risk factors, such as if you have diabetes, are a smoker, or have a family history of eye problems. If your work involves long hours at a computer screen or you use digital devices for more than two hours a day, your eye doctor can offer recommendations to protect your eyes.

4. What vision correction options are best for my eyes?

Vision correction options have greatly improved over the years. If in the past you had difficulty with progressive lenses or contact lenses, it could be time to try them again. Discuss with your doctor what options he or she would recommend for your eye health and lifestyle.

5. Is there anything I should be doing to take better care of my eyes?

Good eye health is important to maintaining your livelihood as you get older. The earlier you start paying attention to your eye health, the better. Ask your doctor what he or she recommends to keep your eyes healthy. It could be as simple as modifying your diet by eating food that is loaded with antioxidants, lutein, zeaxanthin, and healthy fats with omega-3s. He or she may also recommend quitting smoking if you are a smoker.

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