High eye pressure is a dangerous situation that may result in loss of your vision. You may not have any idea that you have high eye pressure until eye doctors diagnose you with the condition, and by then your vision may already be compromised. Here are some causes of high eye pressure and what you can do to minimize your risks.


Drugs that are prescribed to you for medical conditions can have a number of side effects, like an increase in eye pressure. Asthma medications containing steroids are one such instigator, as are certain antibiotics, anti-histamines for allergies, mental health medications, and even some drops administered by eye doctors after LASIK eye surgery. Always ask your medical and eye doctors if a medication could have a negative impact on your eye health.

Overproducing Fluid

The component of your eye responsible for the production of fluid is called the ciliary body. Aqueous Humor is the fluid produced, and the drainage system, the trabecular meshwork, must then drain away all of this fluid. When too much aqueous humor has been generated, the trabecular meshwork cannot keep up with the volume that needs to be secreted and the internal eye pressure increases.

Drainage Issues

The overproduction of fluid is not the only drainage problem that can affect internal eye pressure. The trabecular meshwork responsible for draining the aqueous humor from the eye can become clogged, damaged, or compromised in some way, preventing it from percolate fluid properly. This can result in trauma to the eye as well as a buildup of pigment cells or deposits in the drainage meshwork. If you incur an eye injury, it is critical to see an eye doctor immediately so that any damage can be evaluated and corrected right away before your sight is permanently impaired.

Age and Health Issues

As you age, the likelihood of being diagnosed with high eye pressure increases. Patients over 40 have a much higher risk, as may people of certain ethnic backgrounds, such as African-Americans. Diabetic clients are also at risk for several troublesome eye conditions including Glaucoma, which is often a result of high eye pressure. High eye pressure is a serious issue and failing to treat the condition may lead to the development of glaucoma, eventually eroding your sight permanently. Commit to a yearly eye exam and contact your Phoenix eye doctor any time that you notice a change in your eye health.