Kids_Eye_CareFor decades, Phoenix parents have known that vitamins help children thrive with fewer health problems, but can vitamins also protect your kids’ eye health?

Very possibly!

Currently, the scientific research that’s been conducted has shown good reason to believe that a regimen of vitamins early in childhood may prolong eyesight into adulthood. They appear to slow down the development of progressive problems like myopia or macular degeneration.

While the evidence is not yet entirely conclusive, there’s a lot of reason to think that vitamins can help your kids’ eye health!

The Benefits Of Vitamins And Minerals To The Eyes

Vitamin C: Typically found in citrus fruits, Vitamin C is vital for our immune systems. Vitamin C appears to slow the development of cataracts, as a lack of Vitamin C directly harms the eye.

Vitamin A: Vitamin A is well-known as an antioxidant, preventing breakdown of the body’s cells as we age. The beta-keratin in carrots, which is necessary for our night vision, is actually a form of Vitamin A.

Vitamin E: Vitamin E is another anti-oxidant, like Vitamin A. While necessary for ocular health and immune system strength, supplements are rarely required.

Zinc: We require the metal zinc in small quantities, and it helps create the melanin pigment which protects our eyes. (Warning: A few people have zinc allergies and can become dangerously ill from zinc supplements.)

Copper: In some rare cases, copper deficiency can degrade the eyesight. However, supplements are usually not needed.

Vitamins Do The Body Good

Of course, keep in mind that there’s really no reason not to protect your child’s health with multivitamins. There are already plenty of arguments to be made for children’s vitamin regimens.

There is strong evidence that vitamins probably protect your kids’ eye health – just one more reason to use them!