While you might not be able to prevent cataracts from forming in your eyes, the earlier they are found the better for your vision. Here are five warning signs to watch for especially if you are 40 or older that could mean you might have a cataract developing.

1. Increasing Difficulty with Night Vision

An early sign that a cataract is forming is that you will have difficulty seeing at night. You might not notice it so much at first, but it will become progressively worse. Eventually, you may have difficulty reading road signs when driving at night.

2. Seeing Halos Around Lights

As cataracts develop, you may notice the appearance around lights. This is caused as light passes through the cataract in your eye. You might not notice halos during the day because they are most noticeable when it is dark.

3. Sensitivity to Light and Glare

An early symptom of cataracts is that your eyes are more sensitive to light and glare. This problem will increasingly worsen as the condition progresses.

4. Blurry or Clouded Vision

You might notice fuzzy or blurry spots in your field of vision. As the cataract grows, the cloudiness will increase and make it more difficult for you to see. You might seem that you are looking through a yellowish, smoke-tinged haze.

5. Needing Brighter Light for Reading and Other Activities

As cataracts form and continue to grow, they scatter and block the amount of light that can pass through your eye’s lens. If you notice that you are needing more and more light to read or do other activities, this could be a warning sign that you have a cataract.

Don’t let cataracts rob you of your sight and independence. If you have any of these warning signs, you should schedule an eye exam. And even if you don’t have any of these signs, yearly eye exams are essential to early diagnosis of cataracts and other age-related changes to your eye health.

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