As you get older, your vision needs tend to change. You may have noticed that your parents and grandparents started wearing bifocal glasses once they got to a certain age. Thankfully, the technology of optometry has changed and such vision correction is now available in contact lens form. Is this the technology you’ve been looking for?

How It Works

With bifocal contact lenses, the two prescriptions are combined into one lens, just like with glasses. The difference of course is that the vision correction is contained within your eye instead of worn on your face. Some brands use a top half / bottom half distinction for the varying prescriptions known as alternating vision, and some use rings instead and your eye learns how to use the rings for near and far objects at the same time, called simultaneous vision.

Phoenix_Eye_CareConvenience, Comfort, and Aesthetics

With bifocal contact lenses, you’ll have no worries about losing your glasses or cleaning off smudges constantly. Rather than wearing bifocal glasses that can pinch your nose, your contact lenses provide comfortable vision correction with nothing pressed on to your face. You can also wear sunglasses with bifocal contacts far more comfortably and attractively than having to purchase those over-the-glasses sunglasses. Many types of bifocal contacts are now even disposable for the ultimate in comfort and ease of care. Last but not least, bifocal contacts are undetectable and allow people to focus on you, not your glasses.


While bifocal contact lenses are obviously going to cost more than normal contact lenses, don’t forget to factor in the cost you would incur if you wore bifocal glasses plus needed prescription sunglasses too. Some people have reading glasses plus regular glasses. Once it is all said and done, you may find that the cost isn’t much more for bifocal contacts, and your optometrist will work with your vision insurance to find the best deal.

Bifocal contacts can be a great solution for people who wish for vision correction in the most attractive and convenient way possible. Talk to your Phoenix optometrist about this solution today.