If your vision care professional has recommended progressive lenses to correct your vision, you have plenty of options. Whether you need glasses that will help reduce eye strain at your computer or lenses that will suit smaller frames, you will find a selection that helps you see your best! Read on to learn more about the types of lenses you can choose from!

What are Progressive Lenses?

Imagine a pair of regular glasses. The lenses you see through usually have only one prescription strength. These are called single-vision lenses.

When you have multifocal lenses, you can have several prescription strengths in one lens. You hear most often about bifocals or trifocals, all of which are multifocal glasses.

Progressive lenses are an advanced sort of bifocal or trifocal lens. Instead of hard, obvious transitions between the prescription strengths, progressive glasses smooth the transitions for a progressive change in strength.

Types of Progressive Lenses

It’s important to have glasses that suit your needs. Select frames that fit and have the feel you want. Then you can choose from the types of lenses available to you:

  • Standard Progressive Lenses. These are the typical lenses you order when you need multifocal glasses. They like larger frames to accommodate a longer space between prescriptions.
  • Computer Progressive Lenses. These lenses are specifically designed for use in offices or home work areas. They can help to reduce eye strain or visual fatigue. However, they aren’t capable of replacing your regular-wear glasses.
  • Premium Progressive Lenses. When you want tremendous clarity and smooth transitions between prescriptions, this is the type of lens to choose. They are usually customized for your specific needs. Their cost reflects the extra work required.
  • Short Corridor Progressive Lenses. These are designed for small frames. They’re a trade-off between form and function.
  • Ground-View Progressive Lenses. These lenses are excellent for outdoor activities. They reduce lens distortion when looking down, offering a “ground view” that is as close to natural vision as possible. Their cost reflects their specialty nature.

What Type of Progressive Lens is Right for Me?

Your vision care professional at Valley Eyecare Center will be able to help you select the type of lens that will best suit your needs. Some people may find that two pairs of glasses work best. Give us a call at (602) 955-2700 to set up an appointment, or contact us online!