Contact lenses are an excellent way to get clear vision a majority of the time although there are some exceptions that will certainly cause problems with your tolerance of contacts, most of which can be easily avoided.

Dirty Lenses

The most common reason your eyes start to feel gritty, dry, and uncomfortable is because the lenses are not as clean as they should be. Regular cleaning of lenses is critical, not only for your comfort, but for your eye health as well. Failing to properly clean your contacts may expose your eyes to bacterial infections and lead to the damaging of your cornea. Use the appropriate cleaning solution and sterilize your contact lenses as recommended by your optometrist.

OptometryOld Lenses

Another reason for lens discomfort is wearing old contact lenses. Even if you are meticulous about keeping your lenses cleaned and sanitized, most of today’s lenses are designed for wear over a certain limited time period. The longer past the recommended time frame you get, the more misshapen and worn out your lenses may become. They may even tear or begin to deteriorate on the edges. This will make your eyes red, unhappy, and make you miserable. Replace your lenses on the recommended schedule.

Bad Habits

Sleeping in your lenses (especially brands that are not recommended for this type of wear), wearing them for too long each day, not protecting your eyes from sand, wind, sun, and heat, and failing to see your optometrist on schedule are all surefire ways to earn yourself some eye discomfort.

Your Phoenix optometrist can give you advice about proper care and replacement of your lenses so that you remain comfortable and healthy while experiencing great vision every day. Be sure to attend your yearly eye exam reliably to ensure good eye health for years to come.