You may take your eyesight for granted, but it’s actually much more vulnerable than you might have expected. Diplopia, or double vision, is a condition where you see a second image beside or overlapping the original image. It can make driving dangerous and be very disorienting. Following, are some of the causes of double vision.

Medication or Alcohol

Your eyes are very responsive to what is put into your body. Certain anti-epileptic drugs, illicit drugs, and anti-convulsants have been known to result in double vision. Moderate to heavy amounts of alcohol could also prompt this condition. If your medication causes vision issues, request an eye exam and discuss any problems with your optometrist immediately. Often, alternative medications can be prescribed or your dosage can be adjusted.


Sudden trauma such as a head injury or concussion may result in double vision. For those types of injuries, seek medical attention immediately because damage to the brain’s tissue may be the culprit and could end in tragedy.

Eye Problems

Most issues related to the cornea and lens of your eye can be detected during your yearly eye exam, so  follow through on a regular basis with your exam schedule. Trouble with your cornea such as dryness or scarring may prompt double vision, as can infections such as Herpes. Typical lens conditions with the symptom of double vision are cataracts, which is fairly common and very treatable.


While you may not think that medical issues have much effect on your vision, Multiple Sclerosis, brain tumors, strokes, aneurysms, and diabetes can all cause double vision. Migraines and headache sufferers are also prone to this symptom.

Anytime you experience a change in your vision, schedule an eye exam immediately. Many problems can be treated before permanent issues result, so time is very important when it regards your eye health.