Phoenix_OptometryOver the past few decades, vision correction has become very technologically advanced. With the advent of laser eye surgery, enhancements in contact lens manufacturing, and the new lightweight materials for eyeglasses, those with vision trouble have a much more comfortable and flexible array of choices to see perfectly. One newer development is the Implantable Contact Lens (ICL). Here is what your Phoenix optometrist wants you to know about ICL.

Amazing Vision Quality

Imagine the days of tube televisions, where the picture was sometimes a little blurry, and colors rather blended together. Fast forward to today’s HD and 3D televisions. The colors, images and crispness of your vision may shock you. The lens material is so crystal clear and does such a great job of correcting your problem, you’ll feel like your vision just went high-definition.

Less Risk than LASIK

An ICL patient generally notices less negative side effects as a result of the procedure than do patients undergoing LASIK or PRK procedures. Dry eyes and cornea problems are common with LASIK, whereas ICL does not interfere with corneas. Complications are less common and usually more simple to fix with ICL surgery. To top it off, if you did ever have a serious problem with the implanted lens, it can be removed or replaced without major difficulty, whereas an eye surgeon may not be able to easily correct a LASIK problem once the cornea has been shaved or reshaped.


ICL can fix a wide array of vision problems from slight to extreme prescription needs and levels of astigmatism, and is a great option for patients whose optometrist previously could not refer for surgery due to their eye anatomy or degree of myopia. UV blocking is even available in the ICL material, providing further benefit to this procedure.

As with any surgical procedure, ICL comes with its share of risks. Talk to your optometrist today to find out if ICL would help with your vision needs.