Woman Wakes Up Rubbing Eyes

Waking up in the morning with blurry vision in one or both eyes is very common among adults. If this has never happened to you before, you might be worried. However, most of the time there is no need to worry, especially if you are not experiencing symptoms of a medical emergency like a stroke, concussion, or head injury. When that is the case, you should immediately seek medical attention. Otherwise, consider these common reasons for blurry eyes in the morning.

Sleeping Under a Ceiling Fan

Do you sleep with a ceiling fan on at night? The air movement could be drying your eyes out while you sleep. This could cause your eyes to be blurry and irritated when you wake up. The blurriness should only be temporary and go away after blinking your eyes to replenish your tear film.

You Have Allergies

Blurry vision in the morning could be because you have allergies. Your eyes could become dried out, watery, swollen, or itchy, which then could cause blurriness. If your allergies are worse in the morning, you could be allergic to dust mites or pet dander.

Do You Sleep on Your Face?

If you sleep on your face and have blurry eyes when you wake up, you could have floppy eyelid syndrome. This is a condition where your upper eyelids lose elasticity. You can avoid this by trying to sleep on your back.

You Have Dry Eyes from Your Medications

Certain medications can reduce the amount of tears your eyes produce and cause blurry eyes in the morning. This includes allergy medications, high blood pressure medications, sleeping pills, and cold medicines that you might take before bed.

If you have unexplained or persistent blurry vision after waking up, it is recommended to share your concerns with your doctor right away. This will help rule out any serious eye health concerns or medical conditions, like glaucoma, high/low blood pressure, or diabetes. Protect your eye health. Call 602-955-2700 or go online to schedule an appointment with a Valley Eyecare Center eye doctor.