Picture this scenario: after a recent visit to your optometrist, your eye doctor decides to update your prescription and you need new eyeglasses. You receive the new glasses and experience an unpleasant side effect—headaches. Overuse of the muscles around the eyes causes eyestrain; thus, triggering headaches. An array of factors could be causing eyestrain, such as the new prescription, strain from computer screens, and even the position of the eyeglass frames on your face. Read on to learn why your new eyeglasses may be causing headaches and how to deal with them.

Adjusting to a New Prescription 

Adjusting to your new prescription can be a difficult transition. While you’re growing accustom to the new eyeglasses, you may experience blurry vision, which inevitably causes headaches. It can take up to two weeks to adapt to the new prescription. If you’re still experiencing headaches past two weeks, consult your eye doctor.

Misplaced Frames 

If it’s not the prescription causing the headaches, it may be the position of your frames. Your eye care professional should tailor the frames to fit properly on your face and be the appropriate distance from your pupils. Check with your Phoenix eye doctor at Valley Eyecare Center to see if this is the headache culprit.

Too Much Screen Time 

Eye strain from computers can afflict anyone, but eyeglasses can worsen the effect. If you have anti-reflective lens, you may need to adjust the lighting around your computer to support your eyes. In addition, taking short breaks from computer screens can help give your eyes a rest.

Tips to Help You Adjust to New Eyeglasses

Most likely, your new prescription is causing the headaches. Here are some tips to help you ease into your new glasses:

  1.   Wear them frequently. Taking off your eyeglasses for short breaks is fine, but allowing your eyes as much time as possible to adjust to the new glasses is ideal.
  2.   Take off your glasses in a dark room. When you remove your eyeglasses in a dark room, it allows them to relax without having to focus on something.
  3.   Use pain relievers. It’s in your best interest to keep the glasses on to adapt to them as quickly as possible. Taking a pain reliever will help alleviate some of the discomfort from headaches.

If you believe your eyeglasses are causing headaches, consult your eye doctor for advice. Remember to book an appointment with your Valley Eyecare Center eye doctor. Call us at 602-955-2700 or schedule your next session online, today!