Waking up in the morning with blurry vision in one or both eyes is a very common occurrence for many people. The blurriness will usually clear up in a few moments after blinking or rubbing your eyes. There is nothing to worry about if it happens to you. However, if this happens often, you might wonder why it happens. Here are several reasons you might have blurry vision in the morning when you awake.

Eye Allergies

Allergies could be a cause of blurred vision in the morning. Whether you have seasonal allergies or are allergic to common household allergens like dust or pet dander, your eyes may react by drying out. This can make your eyes blurry.

Forgetting to Take Your Contacts Out

You could have blurry vision in the morning if you forgot to remove your contacts before going to bed. It is not recommended to sleep in your contacts unless your eye doctor has prescribed extended-wear lenses.

Dry Tears in Your Eyes

Your eyes continue to produce tears while you sleep to keep your eyes clean and moist. However, sometimes those tears can dry on the surface of your eyes while you sleep and cause blurry vision. Blinking your eyes after you wake up can clear away the dried tears and restore your vision.

Taking Certain Medications

Taking certain medications like antihistamines or blood pressure medications before bedtime could cause your eyes to become dry. Unless specified by your physician, try taking your medications earlier in the day to avoid dry eyes at night.

When Should You Be Concerned?

When blurriness occurs with other symptoms like dizziness, headache, slurred speech or weakness or numbness on one or both sides of your body or is sudden, you could be having a stroke. This is considered a medical emergency and you should seek immediate medical attention.

If blurriness occurs for no apparent reason, is troublesome, or if you are having other vision issues, it is time to schedule an eye exam. Contact Valley Eyecare Center by calling (602) 955-2700 or request an appointment online.