Contact LensesVision problems can make everyday life difficult. Luckily, Acuvue contact lenses can give you the freedom to complete your daily routine with no disruptions due to vision impairment. Whether you struggle with astigmatism or presbyopia, Acuvue offers a variety of contact lenses that target different issues. If you are looking for new contacts, this quick overview will help you decide if Acuvue is right for you.


No matter if you are nearsighted or farsighted, have chronically dry eyes, an astigmatism, or even presbyopia, there is a pair of Acuvue contacts for you. For near or farsightedness, eight different types of lenses are offered, ranging from those that must be replaced every day to those that are replaced every two weeks. They can also be specialized for extra hydration if you suffer from dry eyes. Those with astigmatism—blurry vision at all distances—also have the option of daily or two-week pairs. Patients with presbyopia—difficulty focusing on near objects or smaller print, starting at around age 40—have the ability to wear either one day or two week multifocal lenses! No matter the vision problems you have or may develop over time, Acuvue has got you covered.


While you may be intimidated by wearing or putting in contact lenses, once you get the hang of it, the process of taking them in and out will simply become a part of your daily routine. By wearing Acuvue contacts, you have the ability not only to ease through your regular day but also to take part in activities that glasses may have stopped you from taking part in, such as getting into the pool or playing sports. These contact lenses relinquish your freedom to live the life you want with no vision limitations!

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