Your eye health is an important part of your life, and should get as much attention as the rest of your medical care. With the rise of the internet, it seems like eyeglass suppliers have popped up everywhere. While it may now be really easy to order eyeglasses online, you may want to avoid it for many reasons.


Most people are not optometry professionals, and when you are having your prescription written for eyeglasses, there may be many pieces of information that you won’t know. Your own optometrist knows how to measure your face properly for the best fit, and make any adjustments that are necessary once your glasses are made.


Many online eyeglass suppliers fail to check your prescription when you provide the information. The result can leave you with an incorrect prescription, headaches, eye strain, and inability to see properly. Your eye health provider will verify if your prescription is correct before you leave with your glasses.


An online supplier of eyewear isn’t likely to teach you how to care for your glasses, nor will they help you if your glasses become bent or stretched. Your optometrist is the best source to help you maintain your new eyewear.

Customer Service

If you take some time to read reviews of online eyeglass sites, you will find some troubling testimonials, from the company not providing service for missing or broken shipments, failing to refund your money or provide you with the right product. Your eyeglasses are important and should be correct, otherwise your eye health can be negatively impacted.

Considering the importance of your vision, online eyeglass providers don’t provide much benefit when compared to your highly educated and trained optometrist. Avoid the risk of sight problems by obtaining your glasses from your own personal eye doctor.