Eye_Protection‘Tis the season for fun and frolic of the winter variety. While suiting up for snow and outdoor activities, eye safety should be part of your checklist, and it is something you should always try to remember. Here are a few things to keep in mind this winter before you leave the house for seasonal fun.

Sun and Glare

Just about everyone knows that the sun’s light can be both harmful and beneficial. UV rays are the dangerous component of sunlight, and are no less present in the winter months than in the summertime. In fact, snowy surfaces can reflect UV rays and create an even bigger problem than you might imagine. During sports like skiing and snowboarding, you may actually get sunburnt on the surface of your eyes, a very painful issue known as Photokeratitis. Glare from the reflection off of water or sun also creates a blinding condition. For the good of your eye health, it is important to always wear UV blocking sunglasses while partaking in winter sports.

Sports Hazards

Snowball fights, curling, and hockey all have flying objects that pose a serious threat to your eye health. Any time you participate in a sport that involves projectiles, it is very important to wear the proper eye protection. Most sporting goods stores have a great selection of safety goggles made especially for sports protection, otherwise talk to your optometrist about your eye safety options. He or she can advise you on the type to choose based on your lifestyle, eyecare needs, and sports in which you are involved.

Eye safety is no joke, but it’s easy to protect yourself while also enjoying all of your favorite winter sports and activities. Talk to your Phoenix eye doctor today about how to stay safe while having a great time this season!