When you think about vision care, you likely think about glasses or contact lenses, not safety goggles. Yet preventing eye injuries is a simple, inexpensive step everyone can take to guard their vision. Consider these five easy steps to protect your eyes and avoid painful wounds that can threaten your ability to see.

  1. Use appropriate safety gear when at work or playing sports. Safety glasses, goggles, and sports helmets can dramatically decrease the chances of an eye injury while working or playing sports. While helmets and goggles may not win any awards for fashion, your eyewear professional can recommend safety glasses that fit great and guard your eyes.
  2. Be careful with cleaning solutions and other chemicals. Eyeballs will not appreciate scrubbing bubbles or a streak-free shine. Cleaning solutions and other chemicals can harm your eyes either when they accidentally end up in the eye, or when the fumes become too strong. Read your cleaner’s directions for the recommended way to care for an eye that has been directly exposed to the solution.
  3. Use caution when cooking or using heated items. Grease spatters or splashes of hot oil can cause severe eye injuries. Use grease guards when deep frying food or cooking food with grease that may pop into your eyes. Keep your distance from grills and open flames. Also, use caution with items such as straight irons and curling irons when they are near your eyes.
  4. Don’t forget eye protection when you mow the lawn. Lawnmowers and string trimmers can cause rocks or other debris to fly into your eyes. Use eye protection when operating them to prevent eye accidents. Don’t forget eye protection when trimming trees or cacti, especially when you need to look up. Debris can fall fast and cause unfortunate wounds.
  5. Protect your eyes from the Arizona sun. Arizona sunshine can harm your eyes as easily as other hazards. Wear sunglasses or other UV-protectant lenses to prevent damage from the bright sunshine. Prescription sunglasses are available from your eyewear professional!

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