eye-careWhile the weather is warming up, there is no better time to take a splash into the water than now! While it may be fun to catch some waves or go to a pool party with friends, it is important that you maintain proper eye care to protect your eyes.

Swimming and Eye Care

“Swimmer’s eye” is common for anyone who swims, regardless of whether you take a quick dip into the pool or if you spend hours swimming laps. Listed below are a few tips to make sure that your eyes stay safe while you swim.

  • People who swim often may develop dry eye: The chlorine and chemicals used to keep the pool clean often damage the eyes, leaving them itchy and red. To ensure proper eye care, you should wear goggles or close your eyes when you swim. If your eyes become irritated after you swim, make sure to wash them out with clean water.

  • Use eye drops to make sure that your eyes stay hydrated: It is important that your eyes maintain proper hydration as you swim so that they are not affected throughout the rest of the day.

  • Do not wear contacts while you swim: Before you go swimming—even if you’re going to wear contacts—make sure to take your contacts out! You do not want to lose them in the water. Also, any chemicals in the water may get stuck to the lenses, which could cause infections in your eyes, so it is important to remove them before swimming.

Make sure to take care of your eyes while you swim this summer! To learn more about swimming eye care tips, or to schedule an eye exam with one of our optometrists at Valley Eyecare Center, call (602) 955-2700, or visit our website.