Eye makeup can be a great way to enhance your look or stand out in a crowd – but make sure you’re using it safely! Optometrists and other eye doctors see a lot of patients due to makeup-related mishaps, and most of them are avoidable with a little care.

Remember, even if the makeup is “safety tested,” it can still be harmful if it gets in your eyes. So here are a few eye care tips to keep in mind.

Five Eye Care Tips For Using Eye Makeup

1 – Avoid metal flakes

Eye makeup with metal flakes in it seems to be popular these days, but we recommend against using it. Those metal flakes can do significant damage, such as scratching your cornea, if they make it into your eye.

2 – Throw out old/expired makeup

We know makeup sets can be expensive, but they have expiration dates for a reason. The pastes and creams used in them can easily harbor bacteria, and if that bacteria gets into your eye, it will probably cause an infection.

Also, if you ever get a serious eye infection, such as pink eye, immediately throw out all your current eye products. There’s an extremely high chance they’re contaminated, and could even re-infect you.

3 – Don’t share eye makeup

Because eye makeup can contain bacteria, that means it can also easily transfer bacteria between people. Sharing makeup can also mean sharing infections.

Along the same lines, we recommend against using ‘tester’ eye makeup in stores. There’s a higher chance of it being contaminated by other people.

4 – For people with allergies: only try one new product at a time

If you’re prone to allergic reactions to products, be careful when trying out new brands. Only use one new product at a time, so that if there is an allergic reaction, you’ll know exactly what caused it.

5 – Don’t apply fake eyelashes yourself

There are a few different ways of applying eyelash extensions, such as glue or magnets – but they all carry risk to your eyes, especially if you’re trying to do it yourself in a mirror. We’ve seen too many people scratch their own corneas this way. If you want fake ‘lashes, go to a qualified beauty specialist to have them applied safely.

Of course, if you ever experience any eye pain, discomfort, or vision problems after using an eye makeup product, immediately stop using it. Then contact Valley Eyecare Center in Phoenix for a checkup!