Many stores carry computer glasses and readers to help customers fill gaps in their vision needs. For those who struggle to read their phones or laptop screens, this non-prescription eyewear can bring convenient relief. Each serves a very different purpose, however, and it’s important to know which glasses your symptoms need.

What are Readers?

Readers are also called reading glasses or “cheaters”. They help mitigate the effects of presbyopia or the trouble with focusing on close objects that comes with age. These glasses magnify what you see with varying strengths of lenses, usually from +1 to +4.

Reading glasses are intended for short-term wear during activities. You might need them for reading, sewing, or repairing small objects.

What are Computer Glasses?

This term can refer to two types of eyewear. The first type functions much like reading glasses in that they help you focus at close distances. Unlike readers, computer glasses are tuned to improve vision clarity at around 24 inches. You can also find them with multifocal lenses for reading close, at the middle distance, and far away.

The other type blocks certain wavelengths of light. You might also hear these referred to as “blue blocker glasses”. These reduce screen glare and eye strain. If you purchase eyewear labeled for computer use, be certain to read the packaging so you know which type you are buying.

Do You Need Computer Glasses or Readers?

Both types of glasses function at different distances. Which one you need will depend on where you do the most work, and where you feel the most frustration when it comes to seeing clearly.

  • If you have trouble reading your phone or a book, reading glasses may be a good choice.
  • If you experience blurry text, headaches, or eye strain when using a laptop, you may want eyewear geared for computer use.
  • If you have trouble beading, sewing, or painting small details, you might look into readers.
  • If you have ever put on readers and leaned forward in your chair to better see text on a computer screen, you might look into glasses for computer use.

Valley Eyecare Has Answers to Your Eyewear Questions

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