eye-healthYou may be used to having tears when you’re happy or sad, or even when you slice onions. However, if your eyes are tearing up and you do not know why, it could be a bit annoying or even concerning. There are multiple reasons why your eyes may tear – ranging from temporary causes to those that are more serious. Here are several reasons why your eye might tear.

Allergic Reactions

Eye tearing is one of the most common symptoms of eye allergies. If you have seasonal allergies or year-round allergies, one or both of your eyes may tear and may be accompanied with other symptoms like a stuffy nose, itchy eyes, red eyes, or puffy eyes lids. Over-the-counter medications and eye drops may relieve your symptoms, but if they don’t, consult with your eye doctor.

Foreign Object in Your Eye

Having an eyelash, dust, sand or other small foreign objects in your eye can cause it to tear. Flushing your eye with cool water may be enough to remove the object. Never rub your eye or attempt to remove the object manually because you could risk scratching your cornea or further injuring your eye. Call your eye doctor for an appointment.

Dry Eye Syndrome

Do your eyes frequently feel dry and gritty? You may have dry eye syndrome. Your eyes may try to make up for that by overproducing tears. Dry eye is a treatable condition that your eye doctor can diagnose and treat.

Blocked Tear Duct

Your eyes rely on tears to keep them clean and moisturized. However, if you have a blocked tear duct, those tears cannot properly drain. If your eye tears constantly, you may have a blocked duct and will require treatment.

Certain Medical Conditions

If your eyes are tear up frequently for no apparent reason, it may be time to see your primary physician. There are certain medical conditions that can cause watery eyes, including:

  • Sjogren’s syndrome
  • Thyroid problems
  • Bell’s palsy
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Chronic sinus infections

Never hesitate to contact your eye doctor for any concerns about eye tearing. Schedule an appointment at Valley Eyecare Center online or by calling (602) 955-2700.