Some people experience sudden episodes of blurry vision that can cause concern. It may happen in both eyes, or just one eye, and it may happen to your full field of vision or only part of what you see. In all blurry-vision cases, the concern about sudden episodes of vision degradation is warranted.

These episodes can be caused by:

  • Stroke – A stroke may cause sudden blurry vision in one or both eyes if the issue occurs in the part of the brain that controls vision, or in the eye. Watch for other stroke symptoms, including:
    * face drooping
    * difficulty speaking
    * sudden confusion
    * sudden numbness
    * dizziness, loss of coordination, or loss of balance
    * a severe, unexplained headache
    * weakness in the arms
  • Detached Retina – This happens when the retina has pulled away from the blood vessels that supply it with oxygen and other essentials. You may experience other symptoms, which can include:
    * flashes of light in one or both eyes
    * a shadow in the middle or the sides of your vision
    * gray or black specks in your vision
  • Concussion – If you have experienced a recent blow to the head, fallen, or experienced other bodily trauma that shook your head hard, you may have received a concussion. Watch for other symptoms:
    * confusion
    * dizziness
    * drowsiness
    * headache
    * mood changes
    * amnesia
  • Infection, Eye Damage, and Inflammation – Certain conditions or wounds to your eye can cause blurred vision. Depending on the issue, treatments can range from surgery to an eye patch and rest. Your eye care professional will be able to diagnose the issue and recommend the best course of treatment.
  • Migraine – Migraine headaches can cause your vision to blur. If you have never experienced a migraine before, seek medical attention to verify the condition and ask about treatment options.

When to Seek Treatment for Sudden Blurry Vision

You should always seek treatment for suddenly blurred vision, unless a doctor has already advised you otherwise. Seek immediate emergency attention if vision difficulties occur with:

  • Numbness or weakness in your body, limbs, or face
  • Confusion, trouble speaking, or difficulty understanding others
  • Dizziness, lack of coordination, or difficulty walking
  • Severe headache

If you experience sudden blurry vision, consult with a doctor at Valley Eyecare Center right away. You can contact us online, or call us at (602) 955-2700.